Multi-Strategy CTA Trading Service

Alpha Big Data / Cryptopian intelligence team develops a robust trading system to anticipate and capitalize on market movements backed by sophisticated quantitative research, machine learning & big data. Cryptopian actively manages a risk-adjusted portfolio of cryptocurrencies/digital assets following different strategies (non-exhaustive):


  • Quantitative strategies based on statistical models and technical analysis to detect any signal or trend;

  • Trend-Following: Seeking to profit from buying when models indicate that prices are trending up, and by selling when prices are indicated to be trending down;

  • Contrarian Trading: This strategy identifies when a current trading trend will reverse and seeks to profit from such reversals. Traditional trading: short-term and very short-term investments;

  • Pattern-Based Trading: Analyzing variables and attributes in addition to prices in seeking to 54 identify the establishment of trends in markets;

  • The use of derivatives (such as Bitcoin futures) is used as a complementary hedging strategy.



Trading Service Type:                 Open-end

Accepted Cryptocurrency:                   ETH, EOS, BTC, USDT 





Management Fee:                                 0.5% per 3 months

Performance Fee:                                 Please enquire

Early Exit   Fee:                                     5%

Recommended Investment Period:    6 months





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