C r y p t o p i a n

Autonomous Cryptocurrency Trading Expedition


C r y p t o p i a n Explorers of Consensus.

We are in search of short-term incentives that engage people into the network.

We are in search of long-term economy that empowers the powerless.

Enable Enlightenment

By empowering people with smart trading & investment

Backed by sophisticated quantitative research, machine learning and big data, we enable people to do smart trading & investment of cryptocurrency. By empowering people through crypto-trading, we eventually facilitate the transformation of people's mindset and accelerate the transition from the centralized institutions to the decentralized institutions of the Cyber Age.




A social trading service providing instant & actionable insights and trading guidance to cryptocurrency traders to minimize users' risk exposure and maximize their profitability.




Fully-managed data-driven cryptocurrency automated trading service backed by quantitative research, machine learning, and big data. We capture the short-term/mid-term trend of crypto-assets to achieve capital gain.


Core Members

Haoran Xue


CQF Paul Wilmott Scholarship Winner
MSci in data science, University College London;
London UCITS Hedge Fund quant-trader;
Alan Tuning Institute research assistant;
London Business School research assistant;
4th place in the Microsoft UK Data Science hackathon.


Han Wu


Quant Development Director of UK's top hedge fund -- Brevan Howard;
Vice President of Citi bank London;
10 years of experience in quantitative development;
BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Richard Fan


Post-doctoral fellowship at Princeton University;
Years of professional research experience in informatics, asset management, and statistics;

His papers have been cited thousands of times;
The investment management company which he founded and managed, iOne Capital, has achieved an annual return of over 150% in three years;


Dr. Yifan Liu


Bachelor from Peking University;

Ph.D. from University of Oxford, UK;

Engaged in a strategic consulting team from a Fortune Global top 500 company for many years, with in-depth research on various industry trends and corporate management;

Rich experience in the virtual currency industry, engaged in trend tracking transactions and arbitrage transactions


Dr. Kuan Chang

Head of Trading

Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, Imperial College;

Experienced forex, equity, index and future trader;

Due to high ROI, trading is prohibited by multiple CFD trading platforms.

Xi Lin

Head of Quant Trading

Bachelor from CASS University;

Master from Edinburgh University with scholarship;

Hacked into UK football ticket website, made his first barrel of gold by reselling tickets;

Years of experience in trading CFD & spread betting products;

Achieved an average annual income of 40%.

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